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“No joyriding and Wisconsin is off-limits”

July 25, 2008

These are actually rules governing the use of the crew car in Iron Mountain, MI.  Sometimes when we fly to small, out of the way places, the hotels we stay in don’t have airport shuttles.  In these cases, either the company or the hotel provides us with a car (or early 80’s conversion van) for us to get back and forth.  It’s also available for excursions such as food-seeking and buying new deodorant because yours melted.  I went on one of these food-seeking missions this evening, but it soon turned into a joyride towards Wisconsin.  Honestly, I just wanted to check out the area and see what was up here in the middle of the Upper Peninsula woods and before I knew it, there was the “Welcome to Wisconsin” sign.  I turned around before I got there, not because I didn’t want to break any more rules, but because my food was getting cold.  I’m now anxiously awaiting for the sun to retreat so I can go to bed.  This airline life is an exciting one!!

I’ve been dyeing again finally!  I dyed much yarn on Tuesday before starting work on Wednesday, so I’m pretty excited to get home and see the dry results!  I ordered a sock blank from Knit Picks which I painted with loads of different designs to test knit with the intention of making my own blanks and selling both dyed ones and un-dyed ones.  I also wanted to spy on the exact dimensions/gauge/stitch counts also for replication purposes.  I’ll be showing pictures of the dyeing session once everything is reskeined/test knit.

I finally knit a sample of my handpainted yarn.  It’s a pair of socks, but I only have a picture of the first one.  The second one is done except for kitchenering the toe and weaving in the ends.  You’ll have to check my projects page on Ravelry to see both, but here’s the first one:

This pattern was from the Pattern-a-Day Knitting Calender from 2007.  The socks fit really well and they were quick!  The best part is the 200 yds I burned for the Ravelry Stash and Burn July challenge!  I’ve also been working on Kureopatra’s Snake, a super-awesome entrelac scarf, but I fear I may run short on yarn and have to track down another skein.  The stash-busting has been fast and furious, I just hope I can keep it up. 

That’s all for this time.  The sun is getting low and I want to be in bed by 9.  Thanks for reading!


Knitting heavily and treading lightly

July 15, 2008

Since my sales are not good, mostly because my marketing is not good, I’m reading a book.  This book is helping me develop a focused marketing plan that will hopefully generate better sales.  I like books because you can learn anything from a book, including developing a tagline.  And what better tagline for my eco-friendly knitting shop than “knitting heavily and treading lightly”.  This book has also refocused my efforts and made me realize that I need a second shop dedicated to my knitting supplies.  My current shop is just a collection of unrelated items with no cohesiveness.  This shop will stay open as such and my new shop will be focused strictly on yarn, stitch markers, and needle cases and such.  No finished knitting, no candles, no earrings, no random supplies.  Just knitting things. 

This new shop will be open once I build up a little bit of stock.  I have some that I’ll transfer from my old store, but I need enough to keep updating my shop for a while.  I’ve ordered some undyed yarn that should be here in a few days, and I’m planning on dyeing next Monday or Tuesday, so I should be able to start the transfer soon. 

I’ve been knitting up a storm!!  I talked in my last post about the UFO challenge, and I’m making good progress.  I finished my Petal Bib from a book called One Skein.  Turned out really nice and is in the hands of the recipient.  Made from organic cotton yarn.  I also realized that I still don’t like knitting with cotton.  One of these days I’ll actually walk away from the cotton project.

I’ve also been progressing on the BF’s socks.  Magic loop socks are really slow!!  Everyone raves about how great it is, but I like to see progress and it’s hard when you’re doing both at once and it’s going half as fast (seemingly, but I know I’ll be happy when they’re both done.)  I’ve also finished a pair of socks I’ve had sitting around for a few months and started another pair I’ve been meaning to knit.  I’m almost to the toe shaping of the first one and I just love how they’re turning out.  I’ll hopefully finish the first one tomorrow and get started on the second.

The flying has been going pretty well except for all sorts of unforecasted fog and other crummy weather.  I guess that’s good because it keeps me sharp and on my toes, but it would be easier if the first officers were also sharp and on their toes.  I knew I was going to be flying with new and inexperienced pilots, but it becomes really stressful in a high workload situation like a missed approach.

That’s all for this time.  See you soon!

War Stories and Salmonella

June 14, 2008

First, a letter to my current nemesis, salmonella.

Dear Salmonella,

You’ve ruined my day, but you will not get the best of me.  By rearing your ugly head in my beloved tomatoes, you’ve forced me to eat bland Subway, tasteless Taco Bell and unappealing salad.  I’m not afraid of you, but many are, so until I can go to the store and buy my own tomatoes, screw you salmonella. 

Love, Me

And now the war stories.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any good ones this time.  All I can say is that battling summer thunderstorms in a little prop airplane is a lot less fun than I’d hoped it would be.  My last airplane was a jet that was able to climb above most of the storms, minimizing their impact, but now I’m right in the middle of it, trying to find the best way to pick around the worst of it.  The learning curve has  been steep, but it adds to my experience every time.

My Etsy store is currently slow.  No sales since my showcase last weekend, but I’ve got another one booked for Sunday, so hopefully this one will be better.  It’s a more visible location this time and I’m hoping for at least a few more sales.  I just listed some fun new things including these rock star earrings:

I’ve also listed a set of stitch markers and some sock yarn.  I currently have some really pretty stuff on the drying rack waiting for me to get home.  (I’m working… again, until Sunday.)  I’ll have that skeined up next week and in my shop. 

I’ve finished my Pi Shawl!  It just needs to be blocked, but since I’m impatient, I’ll post a picture anyways because it’s so pretty.  It went much quicker than I thought it would and turned out much prettier than I imagined.  I’m now working on some socks for Haney that have been in a time-out for a while.  The heel flap wasn’t behaving, so I put it away for a couple  months and think I have most of the kinks worked out now.  I’m also working on a pattern for a cute and simple iPod cozy.  I’ll post that here on my blog when I finish it.

I’m still working on good ways to market my Etsy store.  I have a book that I need to start reading more seriously so I can incorporate as many of the techniques as possible.  I’ve been trying to post on Ravelry, but I’ve been so busy that it’s hard to do so with any regularity.  I’ll keep trying new things and keeping what works and trashing what doesn’t. 

That’s all until next time.  Bye!